A Dependable Crowd-Building Experiential Marketing Strategist You Need on Your Team

Jae is a force to be recognized in the
Experiential Marketing world

With more than 15 years living and breathing various industry related-roles, Jae has built powerful networks and relationships while developing golden rules brands can apply to improve their products’ exposure and brand recognition. Because of her authentic and genuine approach, Jae focuses on the core of what truly matters, using her experience and insight to:

  • Drive winning strategies with a clear vision and a leadership style rooted in honesty and integrity
  • Instill a hard-working team mentality leading by example
  • Think outside the box to inspire execution excellence
  • Respect individualities and leverage core strengths of each team member.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you have a new product or service to share with the world. The way you position your brand and tell your story impacts how consumers will experience the brand. Being able to leverage this, and incorporate Experiential Marketing events as a way to build brand awareness and loyalty can make all the difference.

I know how to trigger the right emotions and guide consumer behavior to long-lasting loyalty and repeat purchases.

Major brands like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Lincoln Motor Co., LG, Google and Marriott have given me the honor to hire me to help them with their guerrilla marketing efforts. As a true visionary who genuinely cares about making a positive impact in my community and in the world at large, I strive to facilitate real change, reinventing the Experiential Marketing world.


I’d like to do it with you and help you grab valuable market shares.

"I am proud to know Jae Davis, and lucky. Jae possesses a wealth of knowledge and deep industry experience that is always invaluable to me, my business, and to many in the Event Industry, particularly during these uncertain times. Jae has been instrumental in so many flawlessly executed events over the years that it is hard to count, from managing and producing, to execution and post-event, she is amazing."
James Aquafredda Sr.
President, Street Team Promotion